Please Support This Campaign to Fund My New Record!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I want to tell you about an exciting project that I have an opportunity to be a part of in 2014. Plain and simple….

I will be traveling to one of my favorite places in the world, Savannah, GA in early November 2014 to record some songs with producer Ted Comerford. 
Ted has produced a few nationally-known bands such as Jonas Sees in Color, Jukebox the Ghost, Juniper Lane, Virginia Coalition, A Fragile Tomorrow and others. Mitch Easter (Wilco, REM, Ben Folds Five, Dinosaur, Jr., Pavement) will be mixing this recorded batch of songs. This project would include 5 songs as a collection and release them straight to you, in the hands in the fans.

Needless to say, I’m stoked for this opportunity to commit some songs to tape with these well-regarded producers/musicians!

The amount I am trying to raise to support this album is $5,200. Let's raise enough money and make this happen together!!! :) 

If it turns out that there are some extra funds remaining after we meet this goal, they will go to support a music video for one of the songs on this new recording, and towards some promotion of the new album.

If you’re willing to contribute to this campaign, we’ve got some really cool incentives, like secret keychains, handwritten lyrics, a Savannah inspired bumper sticker, personal concerts, t-shirts, and of course, digital and autographed physical copies of the new album. 

To Read All About It, go here!!!!

Thanks as always for your continued support of my music and other independent musicians!! I will be grateful for any amount you can contribute to making this project a reality! See you out there at a show, or drop me a line sometime! Thank you.

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