The upcoming powerpop EP from Matt Tarka, Vision Hazy, is a rotating photo album of bright memories and golden nostalgia that winds along an open road. The EP was mixed by Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Dinosaur Jr.) and is due out September 29. The first single, “Time Travels” is available as an approved downloadable mp3.   Listen Here 

Vision Hazy is a collection of the unexpected experiences, and the single delves deeper into a physical dilemma. Soaring harmonies and upbeat instrumentation will leave your heart racing through the infectious melody. Yet the lyrics talk about a more somber and difficult subject. Tarka explains, “I wrote this song from the point of view of someone who is coming to grips with losing a family member suffering from dementia. In turn, someone with the disease has flashes of being present, but is being held captive in their own personal hell. It’s such a devastating experience for anyone involved in being a caregiver or offering support for someone with dementia.” 

The EP has melodic highs and sentimental moments of contemplation. While primarily upbeat, harmony-driven powerpop, the sunset escape of “Selling Roses” smooths out an Americana landscape. Others like “Midnight Sun” highlight the vulnerability and honesty in Tarka’s voice and delivery. Perfect for the open road, or the warm embrace of a turntable, Vision Hazy is a wind drifting off somewhere without expectation or pretense. 

Vision Hazy Track Listing 

1. Vision Hazy 
2. Midnight Sun 
3. Time Travels 
4. Selling Roses 

To see full press release, go here.

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