"Indigo Bunting" now streaming on Relix Magazine's website + Video Premiere courtesy of Hometown Sounds!

Ladies and Gents,

It’s been a busy time, and I’m long overdue for an update. “Indigo Bunting” is now streaming on Relix Magazine’s homepage! Go to the top of their page and access the audio player. I’m in the third position after Jack Johnson and The Dream Logic. Pretty good company to be in on this compilation!

Also, my friends at Hometown Sounds were very kind to premier the video for “Indigo Bunting,” which was directed and produced by Springwood Productions. Springwood's a rad group of folks, and they found such wonderful actors in Derek and Alana. They did a tremendous job in making the story come to life!  I’ll post it onto youtube soon enough, but until then, you can watch it right on the main page.  

What’s next? Well for now, I’m going to lay low. But rest assured, there will be a few updates between now and New Year's Day.

Let’s stay connected, and I’ll keep you clued in on what will unfold. 


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