Direct-to-Vinyl Live Session - Leesta Vall in Brooklyn!

Hello Folks! 

Hope you are hunkered down and safe for Hurricane Florence if you need to get out of town over the next few days. 

I have a unique opportunity to do something really cool --- to record a Direct-To-Vinyl Live Session with Leesta Vall Sound Recordings in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Tuesday, Sept 25th! 

Leesta Vall Direct-To-Vinyl Live Sessions cut live in real time directly to a 7” lathe cut vinyl record. Think of this as an audio polaroid. 

The plan is to record four songs with a couple friends: 2 previously released ("Midnight Sun" and "Bring A Glass"), and 2 unreleased ("Enough" and "The Night Before"). 

If you love vinyl recordings, and want something truly unique to add to your collection, go to the link below and reserve your copy before September 25th! 

This is a mass-production and the 2 unreleased songs will only be available from this session. 

Thanks for reading and hope you'll consider your own copy! 


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